The BeachBot

This summer, the BeachBot had its first outing on Scheveningen Beach in The Hague. It roams around on the beach, recognizes litter, and picks up small litter like cigarette filters and other waste. If in doubt, the robot makes a picture of the object found and mails it to people connected to a special app. Their answers help the programme learn to distinguish between litter and other objects, so the BeachBot’s performance will continuously improve (see In a playful way, its creators want to contribute to more awareness about littering.

It will take a while until robots will clean the beaches in Sierra Leone. In the meantime, the Sierra Leone School Green Clubs will do it by hand. Its cooperation with many schools in the country’s Western Rural Area with more than 3500 students helps to reduce plastic pollution and forms the basis for SLSGC’s recycling activities. At the same time, it increases awareness of ocean pollution among students and teachers.

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