Skateboards from bottle tops


Skateboards from dopjes 20151119_213722

“WasteBoards” are a new initiative of Plastic Whale, founded in 2011 by Marius Smit to build a ship from the plastic waste in Amsterdam’s channels (see

WasteBoards are skateboards made from bottle tops, collected during festivals. The procedure is simple:  The tops are put into a mould and put into a hot oven. A couple of hours later, the WasteBoard is ready. Plastic Whale is now crowdfunding to finance a Mobile WasteBoard Bakery, which can travel from festival to festival.


The first WasteBoards wereWasteBoard _LOGO_splash produced during the Amsterdam Dance Event in October 2015.

The price of a WasteBoard is € 99 (or more).  Each WasteBoard is unique, because of the specific combination of bottle tops.

Bottle tops

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